Cannabiotix (often stylized CBX) is a boutique cannabis company founded in Southern California in 2014 by expert cultivators Neema and JB. Today, the company is owned and operated by Samari and childhood best friend Eran Haroni. Neem the dream and Bones grew up in SoCal together, born and raised on the beaches of Santa Monica with shared dreams of one day having a weed company with one specific goal in mind: to be able to provide their friends and family with the craziest weed they have ever seen or smoked.


Based in both California and Nevada, our foundation is built on using natural and sustainable farming techniques to cultivate unique, PGR free, award winning cannabis, that we are proud to share with our friends and family. With over a decade of experience in growing and breeding world class flower, the team at Cannabiotix is made up of avid cannabis enthusiasts who are dedicated to giving each strain customized individual attention. We hold the cannabis plant above everything else and have an immense appreciation for its unique qualities and medical benefits.  Our team of industry veterans has been operating since the days when the trade was primarily underground and collecting an archive of mind-blowing genetics consisting of rare heirloom classics, new school exotics, and CBX in-house creations. In the past few years, we have bred these old-school classic heirlooms with new and exotic cultivars to create exclusive strains that produce one-of-a-kind cannabinoid and terpene profiles.



Experience is the best teacher and we have acquired a vast wealth of knowledge during our 20 year journey with this wonderful plant.  Here at Cannabiotix, we believe that you’re only as good as your last harvest and consistently producing elite quality cannabis products relies on paying attention to the little things throughout the whole process.  Luckily we are very familiar with our strains, some of which we have been growing since the early 2000’s. Over the years we have kept thorough notes in our strain logs which allows us to give each strain customized individual attention based on its particular wants and needs with the goal of taking the potential of every strain to a 10/10 level.  So even though we are now growing on a bigger scale, in licensed commercial warehouses, as opposed to the days when we were growing in our bedrooms and garages, our team of legacy cultivators has developed and dialed in techniques that allow us to produce award winning caliber cannabis every time we harvest a room.



CBX Cereal Milk Flower 3.5g


CBX Cereal Milk Terp Sugar 1g


CBX White Walker OG Flower 3.5g