Welcome to THC Design

THC Design is the leader in premium cannabis cultivation. Our estate grown, single-sourced flower provides consistent experiences with quality and safety across a wide spectrum of brands. We are female-owned, operating under a Social Equity license, and our team is comprised of approximately 200 people with a diverse array of ethnic backgrounds, unique cultures, and personal histories. From our Executive Board to our Cultivation Team to our Trimmers and Delivery Drivers, we know that our diversity is one of our strongest and most valuable traits, since it offers us perspective and empathy for all walks of life.

Experience & Passion

THC Design is comprised of passionate growers with rich history and experience. Not only are we attentive to growing safe and healthy cannabis throughout each phase of the cultivation process, we are also conscientious about our environmental impact and make concerted efforts to tailor our growing practices for sustainability. We actively take steps to continuously integrate sustainable practices to decrease our carbon footprint.


We aim to set the standard for advanced cultivation practices and techniques while taking steps to create a self-sustainable operation via renewable energy resources.


By partnering with leading scientists in various fields, THC Design hopes to break new ground in the cannabis industry. We are committed to making scientific advances in identifying the roles of not only THC and CBD, but also the dozens of other therapeutic compounds in cannabis. This will help us develop better plants that can more accurately treat disease and ailments.


Building a community and contributing our voice to the cannabis industry is extremely important to us. We support national and local advocacy groups to address legalization, access, and research of cannabis. We meet with lawmakers and policy writers to ensure fairness in the ongoing organization and regulation of cannabis in California.

Positive Impact

At THC Design, it’s not just about providing peace of mind that you are getting safe, quality medicine. We also want you to know that it was grown in a responsible way. We utilize a state-of-the-art water reclamation system and we are constantly striving to not only minimize our environmental footprint but to have a net positive impact on the environment.

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