Cannabiotix, or CBX, isn't just a cannabis brand; it's a manifestation of a dream that began on the beaches of Santa Monica. Founded in Southern California in 2014 by expert cultivators united by a shared vision, they set out with a singular goal — to deliver the most extraordinary cannabis experience to their friends and family. Market Run Delivery is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Cannabiotix in Orange County, the boutique cannabis company redefining the industry with its exceptional products. As your trusted cannabis delivery service, we are delighted to bring you the finest strains and products from Cannabiotix, all conveniently available at the click of a button.
Cannabiotix strives to provide friends and family with the most extraordinary cannabis experience, and now, Orange County residents can partake in this experience with Market Run Delivery.

Cannabiotix's cultivation philosophy is rooted in decades of experience and a dedication to perfection. The team believes that every harvest defines their excellence, and this commitment is reflected in the quality of their products. With thorough strain logs and customized attention to each plant, Cannabiotix ensures a consistent supply of elite cannabis.
Post-harvest, Cannabiotix goes above and beyond to preserve the potency and quality of its flower. The brand's focus on trichome preservation involves drying in complete darkness and a unique trimming technique, resulting in glistening, crystal-covered buds that are a visual and aromatic delight.

The attention to detail doesn't stop in the cultivation room. Cannabiotix takes pride in hand-sorting and weighing its premium flower to guarantee an ideal mix of buds in every sealed jar. This meticulous process ensures that you receive only the best when you choose Cannabiotix.

Freshness is a top priority for Cannabiotix. From vacuum-sealing flower immediately after testing to monitoring ideal storage conditions in all processing rooms, the brand is dedicated to delivering a top-notch, fresh cannabis experience every time.
Cannabiotix's genetic library boasts a balance of old-school classics and new-school exotics. With in-house breeding and cultivation, the brand ensures that you receive exclusive strains with one-of-a-kind cannabinoid and terpene profiles.


Now, Orange County residents can easily access the extraordinary range of Cannabiotix products through Market Run Delivery. Simply visit our website, explore the Cannabiotix collection, and with just a few clicks, elevate your cannabis experience to new heights.
Market Run Delivery is proud to partner with Cannabiotix to bring you the epitome of cannabis excellence in Orange County, California. Elevate your cannabis experience with the finest strains, handcrafted with precision and care by Cannabiotix. Buy Cannabiotix Flower in Orange County through Market Run Delivery and discover a world of premium, award-winning cannabis at your fingertips.

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