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Wonderbrett Pineapple OG Smalls 3.5g

Pineapple OG is a robust Indica for a sophisticated palate because of her “loud” pineapple and gassy funk with hints of guava and sour grapes. Pineapple OG is a Sour Grape male crossed with a OG Kush female, although this pheno leans towards it’s mother, OG Kush. Pineapple OG is happy and euphoric and great for seasoned smokers. It is known to relieve stress and symptoms of anxiety.

QTY Price
<50 $50.00
50 - 100 $40.00
100+ $35.00

Ursa Papaya Bomb Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridge 1g

Live Resin in the convenience of a cartridge. Touted by many as a “game-changer” in the 510 pen community, the combination of terpenes and diamonds consistently puts other Live Resin carts to shame. Use a low-temp battery for the best flavor experience.

QTY Price
<50 $70.00
50 - 100 $60.00
100+ $55.00

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