CBX Red Eye OG Terp Sugar 1g


Named one of the tastiest strains of all time by High Times Magazine, with a whopping 4.99% terpene content, Cannabiotix Red Eye OG is an elite SFV OG phenotype that’s a supremely flavorful and potent indica. This bud’s lemon and kush flavors thoroughly relax the body, rendering smokers into a giggly euphoria as they melt into the couch. A clone only OG that embodies the classic Southern California Kush profile, this strain is a great nightcap and effective for those suffering from pain, anxiety, or insomnia.

Through the process of hydrocarbon extraction our solvent-based concentrates consistently deliver a single-sourced high quality experience that captures the essence of some of our most unique in-house genetics. We have adopted a variety of tools and methods to ensure that all the indoor flower we use for our concentrates is harvested at the appropriate time, freshly frozen, and immediately processed at cryogenic temperatures to capture the full flavor of each extracted strain. Our extracts then undergo a low temperature, low vacuum purge process, to clean our concentrates of all remaining solvent while also preserving the highest level of terpenes and cannabinoids.

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