Dab Daddy Purple Punch Sauce Pen 1g


How do we get Dab Daddy Purple Punch Sauce so tasty? It all starts with quality control. Sourced from gorgeous, hand selected purple and green flower encased in trichomes, expertly extracted using butane at cryogenic temperatures. Extremely cold temperatures allow us to preserve the candy-like, sweet, and fruity nature of the Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple strains.

The “Sauce” of the strain is created during diamond mining. The hard THCA will crystalize at the bottom where as the solution containing terpenes and flavonoids that provide a grape/ blueberry flavor, rise to the top giving you a delicious yet precious liquid termed, “Sauce” Purple Punch is an indica dominant strain with a sedative, couch locked potency. No Color Remediation Cartridge or bleaching products used here, keeping things unaltered. Stay Saucy.

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